Solo Engagement Tactics Training

Provides Officers the mental and physical skills necessary to act aggressively but not recklessly in extremely hostile environments.

RAIDER training is designed to equip officers and armed security personnel with a winning mindset and the tactical skills necessary to enter extremely hostile environments even when alone.

Active Shooter Response:
Fallacies & Facts

FALLACY:  Small Teams of officers can respond in time.

FACT: 60% of events since 1999 have ended before any police on scene
– FBI 2015.

FALLACY: It takes a team of officers to end the assault.

FACT: Single officers have stopped 3 times more active shooters than teams of officers
– Borsch 2009.

FALLACY: Entering alone is a police suicide mission.

FACT: Single officers have successfully engaged and ended 75% of their involvements, with the remaining 25% resulting in shooter suicide
– Blair 2014.