Armed Teachers

We consider our law enforcement to be first responders. However, how can they be a first responder if they are not there when the incident starts? It takes time for our law enforcement to get to the scene. In all actuality, they are emergency responders who respond the moment they get the call. Therefore, the people on scene are the true first responders. We need to train those true first responders on what to do until the emergency responders can get on scene. While it may be cliché, it’s also true: “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

Many states across the country are starting to allow school districts to make the decision to allow their educators to be armed in the school. The RAIDER program was initially designed for the first officer on scene to have the tactics to enter a building alone and stop the killing. RAIDER was at the forefront of this advancement in law enforcement tactical responses, and we have brought that same level of leadership, passion, and dedication to that next level of training for you.  We accomplished this with law enforcement by incorporating tactics using movement, infrastructure, and basic human neural processing. We can do the same for educators using the same philosophies and training but modified for their unique roles / circumstances.  

As these incidents continue to happen, it has changed the mindset of how we prepare to mitigate them. One method many advocate is the decision to start arming our educators. Arming, however, is only part of the equation.  The other and quite possibly the most important part is to offer realistic TRAINING.   We at RAIDER have taken that same tried and true philosophy use for training/responding of law enforcement and designed a tactical program specifically around your (educators) very unique situation.

The RAIDER principles emphasize Intervention and Decisiveness.  Getting between the attacker and those he’s trying to kill.  This is done by direct actions, directly or indirectly  interrupting his OODA Loop (OODA is an acronym which stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.  Much emphasis is placed on this vital process during the training) and dividing his attention.

RAIDER teaches these skills and more:

  1. Developing a winning mindset.
  2. Tactics that have been proven to work.
  3. Ways to interrupt the OODA loop through sight and sound distractions.
  4. Movements that are aggressive in nature but not reckless.
  5. Using movement and infrastructure to your advantage.
  6. How to identify and classify threats.
  7. How to use the basic neural processing to your advantage, while causing that to work against your opponent.

These are the tactics needed for educators to survive or stop these events.  How are your educators trained?  How are you trained?  Don’t the people within your organization deserve the best trained and capable you have to offer? Shouldn’t you afford the best training to your educators to make a difference?