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I just completed the ALICE RAIDER Instructor class in Middlefield, OH. The instructors explained that we would have access to materials for our training purposes. How do I access that information? Also, as I practice the fundamentals I learned and apply them to different buildings, environments and situations, what would be the best way for me to pose questions? Is there a recommended POC?

Training was extremely beneficial! I have been fortunate to have attended many classes, several of which were by “Tier One” operators. The level of instruction was on par with them…..more importantly….. The two things that placed this RAIDER class above others: 1) The “why” was explained, demonstrated and practiced. 2) We were afforded the opportunity of several repetitions.

One final note……when Greg spoke, he used the perfect terms and only those that were necessary to achieve understanding. Not an instant was wasted. I appreciate you all making max use of our time and efforts.

Deputy Jon McEnroe

Just wanted to drop a line regarding my experience at RAIDER Training in Maynard, MA.

I’ve been a proactive Patrolman and SWAT Operator for the past 4 years and have been involved in many types of trainings. Both tactical and educational. The style and approach in which Gary Kamp and Curtis trained us was top notch. I learned more in the five day instructors course regarding tactics, movements, and shooting than I have in any other tactical training. They genuinely care about their students and it comes out in their training.

I have already recommended this training to the rest of our SWAT Team and any other officer looking for the best Active Shooter training available.

Patrolman/SWAT Brett Calhoun

After our department adopted ALICE training, we were looking for a program to give to our patrol to better their chances if they have to respond to an active killer incident. We found it, RAIDER! The program is as real world as it gets. The train the trainer was one of the best I have been to for the boots on the ground patrol officer firearms training. The trainers and the company are world class and far ahead of the others in active killer training and information. Myself and another officer traveled to Iowa for the training and it has been the most beneficial active killer training we have attended. The knowledge and experience passed on to the class was above all other similar training curriculum I have seen and experienced. I would say that if you want to provide your department with real world, relevant and scenario based training…get yourself to ATI’s RAIDER training. They are on the next level of training in this evolving world of law enforcement.

Capt. Mark M.  – Kansas

After my shooting, I contacted my RAIDER Trainers to let him know that what they taught absolutely kicked in that day, and to express my deepest and most sincere thanks for their training. The Trainers contacted me weekly to check in and show support while I was out of work during the investigation and we still keep in contact years later. I have attended multiple ALICE and RAIDER programs since and teach their methods to my department. Much thanks to Greg and his crew of professionals for their guidance and dedication to excellence.

Ofc. Justin E.  – Massachusetts

We applied a lot of the principles from the RAIDER course to all of our firearms training. On Saturday we had an Officer Involved Shooting. A guy armed with an AR15 and several hundred rounds went off the deep end and decided to shoot it out with guys on my shift. The best compliment I have ever received I got almost immediately after confirming the bad guy was no longer. My guy looked at me and said “thank you for all the training you have given us, it saved my life”. Just wanted you to know.

Sgt. Scott H.  – Ohio

The Raider Training Program for law enforcement should be an essential piece to every department’s “tool belt.”  This program, which predicates on the O.O.D.A. Loop, is fact-based, scenario tested, and operationally proven to be the best tactics for “one man” entry into any threat situation.  Chris Pattie’s expertise and professionalism during the course was unmatched.  During our training, multiple agencies from vast backgrounds came together to learn these techniques, and were nothing short of astounded by the tactics.  Since then, all the local departments have been buzzing since they received the training, and others are jealous they missed it.  If the Raider Training Program is not a part of your training curriculum, you are missing out.  These proven, life saving tactics for “one man” entry is something every law enforcement officer needs to know.

-Jared E, School Police Officer, Former Secret Service Officer (Retired) – Pennsylvania

Since the class has been over I have received nothing but positive feedback (and a lot of it) from the officers that have attended.    As a matter of fact, once other officers heard about the class and how intense it was they all want to know when the next class is going to be.  I am already getting requests for it.    Everyone also thought that the knowledge and ability of all the instructors that you brought were invaluable and would look forward to having them back next year.

Sgt, Terry W. Patrol Supervisor – Pennsylvania

I cannot thank you enough for pushing me so hard and never giving up on me.  No training I have ever been to has been so realistic including the Joint Readiness Training Center while in the Army which is basically laser tag.  The hits from the airsoft will physically heal but will stay with me mentally.

Dep. John C. – Scioto County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio